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Puzzle 53: Slitherlink außen-knapp-daneben

Here’s a practice puzzle for the other non-standard type on the Serbian GP this weekend, “Slitherlink Out-Liars” as they call it. I’m not too sure this one is representative of the type; certainly it feels different than the others I’ve solved.

rundweg-aussen-kdRules Draw a single loop that doesn’t touch or cross itself by connecting dots horizontally and vertically. Clues inside the loop indicate the number of adjacent edges used by the loop. Clues outside the loop indicate the number of adjacent edges used by the loop, plus or minus 1. Or see the instruction booklet.

Some more puzzles: 2010 German qualification. On croco puzzle: 2013-12-21, 2014-02-08, 2014-04-26. There was also one in the 2014 WPC.

Puzzle 25: Slitherlink (Liar Diagonal)

Here’s a slightly different take on the Liar Diagonal Slitherlink.


Rules Draw a loop that travels horizontally, vertically or diagonally from point to point. Clue numbers that are not crossed by diagonals are equal to the number of adjacent horizontal and vertical segments used by the loop. Those that are crossed by diagonals are different from that number. Furthermore, in every row and column, there is exactly one diagonal segment, and that  diagonal crosses a clue.