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Drawing puzzles with TikZ

There seems to be a lack of information out there when it comes to rendering puzzles. The most obvious approach is probably to use a vector graphics program such as Inkscape, but people also use spreadsheet software or write Postscript directly. I’ve recently started using the Haskell Diagrams framework (more on that in a future post), but for today, I want to share how to render pretty puzzles using TikZ via LaTeX.
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Puzzle 2: Checkered Fillomino

This variation was introduced by Nikolai Beluhov at Puzzled by Titles, see the authoritative rules and two very tricky puzzles: Fillomino 6: CheckeredFillomino 8: Checkered. Here’s something that’s hopefully both correct and a little more approachable.

Rules (brief): Solve as a standard Fillomino, and shade some resulting polyominoes, such that no two shaded or unshaded polyominoes share an edge.