Monthly Archives: July 2016

Puzzle 120: Hochhausblöcke

Some more Hochhausblöcke. In other news, the 10×10×10 series on croco-puzzle continues, and I submitted a few puzzles to the excellent puzzlepicnic, including a Fences puzzle where I’m curious to know if people find the intended break-in, and a Yajilin.


Rules Place numbers from 1 to 4 in each cell so that each row and column of each 4×4-block contains all numbers 1 to 4. Circled numbers are valid skyscraper clues for the adjacent grid (for both adjacent grids in the central corners). Uncircled numbers are not valid skyscraper clues for the adjacent grid (for neither adjacent grid in the central corners).

Puzzle 119: Skyscrapers (with parks)

Here’s a skyscrapers puzzle. This is from a batch of puzzles I recently made for a series on croco-puzzle, consisting of 10 puzzles on 10×10 grids. I thought it was a nice opportunity to try my hands at making a large skyscraper puzzle, after some failed attempts in the past. The difficulty turned out such that it didn’t really fit with the rest of the series, so here you go.

Buildings of size 1-9 and one park (gap, invisible) per row and column.