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Puzzle 161: Semitransparent Snake

Next one, a Semitransparent Snake. This was hardly worth constructing, since the competition puzzle was only worth 20 points. Also the type is somewhat dreadfully confusing. But, enjoy!

A semitransparent snake puzzle.Rules Connect Start to Finish by a standard snake. Clues count the visible snake cells. Along any straight segment of snake cells (in the direction start to finish), every 4th cells is invisible (from both directions).

Or see the instruction booklet.

Puzzle 90: Horse Snake

Here’s a Horse Snake puzzle.


Rules Shade some cells to form a snake which does not touch itself, not even diagonally. Head and tail are given. Clues indicate the number of shaded cells that are a knight’s step away from the clue. Clues can’t be shaded.

(I’m pretty sure you can drop the “can’t be shaded” part and solve this as a “transparent” Horse Snake.)