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Puzzle 53: Slitherlink außen-knapp-daneben

Here’s a practice puzzle for the other non-standard type on the Serbian GP this weekend, “Slitherlink Out-Liars” as they call it. I’m not too sure this one is representative of the type; certainly it feels different than the others I’ve solved.

rundweg-aussen-kdRules Draw a single loop that doesn’t touch or cross itself by connecting dots horizontally and vertically. Clues inside the loop indicate the number of adjacent edges used by the loop. Clues outside the loop indicate the number of adjacent edges used by the loop, plus or minus 1. Or see the instruction booklet.

Some more puzzles: 2010 German qualification. On croco puzzle: 2013-12-21, 2014-02-08, 2014-04-26. There was also one in the 2014 WPC.

Puzzle 52: Shikaku knapp daneben

One of the non-standard puzzle types in the Serbian Grand Prix round is Shikaku with clues that are off by one (as “Shikaku Liars”). Here’s a practice puzzle.


Rules Split the grid into rectangles composed of grid cells, containing one clue each, such that the size of each rectangle is equal to the corresponding clue ±1. Or see the instruction booklet.

There’s another easier puzzle of this type on the Rätselportal: Knapp daneben – Rechtecke. Then, in the knapp daneben instance of the Hausigel Contest Series. The double-clue Shikakus on croco should also be good practice: 2014-03-012014-04-04.


Long time no post. Same excuse as last time around. With this year’s puzzle GP starting this weekend with the Serbian round, some preview puzzles are in the queue. For now, I’ll link to a couple of my puzzles that were published elsewhere: