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Puzzle 90: Horse Snake

Here’s a Horse Snake puzzle.


Rules Shade some cells to form a snake which does not touch itself, not even diagonally. Head and tail are given. Clues indicate the number of shaded cells that are a knight’s step away from the clue. Clues can’t be shaded.

(I’m pretty sure you can drop the “can’t be shaded” part and solve this as a “transparent” Horse Snake.)

GP standings

Some quick notes on how to get the GP score tables into a useful shape, in order to be able to compute something like the below top 10 by best four results in the first five GPs (using preliminary results for GP 5). So I don’t have to figure this out again next time, and so you can play along at home.

 rank |            name            | points 
    1 | Ken Endo                   | 3706.7
    2 | Ulrich Voigt               | 3285.9
    3 | Hideaki Jo                 | 3235.5
    4 | Kota Morinishi             | 3102.1
    5 | Nikola Zivanovic           | 3054.5
    6 | Robert Vollmert            | 2905.2
    7 | Will Blatt                 | 2896.7
    8 | Prasanna  Seshadri         | 2834.7
    9 | Yuki Kawabe                | 2834.5
   10 | Michael Ley                | 2806.7

The scripts used to do this are available here.

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GP video

One more GP round over, with the US round last weekend. While we’re waiting for results, here’s a video recording of my solve. (I’ve been recording the last few, prompted by Endo Ken; GP round 4 where I did relatively terribly is still missing for technical reasons.)  No idea where this puts me, but I should definitely work on my Slitherlink solving.

EDIT: fixed video link

Puzzle 87: Tom-tom

One more Tom-tom puzzle. That’s it for the series.tomtom2

Rules Fill the grid with digits 1-7, so that no digit repeats within a row or a column. (Digits may repeat within rooms.) Clues indicate the result of applying a basic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to the digits within that room, starting with the largest digit.

Or see the instruction booklet.