Monthly Archives: January 2016

Puzzle 75: Tapa LITS

The next Tapa Variations Contest is coming up: TVC XVIII. Once again, Bram is kindly sharing a set of practice puzzles (intro, part 1). To give a little bit back, here’s one more Tapa LITS.

One other of the types that will show up is Different Tapa, so solve the one from this blog if you haven’t: Puzzle 70: Different Tapa.


Rules Solve as a standard Tapa. In addition, the shaded cells must form a valid LITS solution (minus the rooms), i.e., the wall consists of tetrominos, and similar tetrominos can’t touch by edge.

Puzzle 74: Tapa knapp-daneben

To welcome the new year, here’s a Tapa “knapp-daneben”, i.e., all clues are off by one. The type features on Tapa Variations Contest XVII which takes place on the week-end. I’m really looking forward to that! For a more thorough preparation, check the practice puzzles on Bram’s blogtapa-kd

Rules Increase or decrease each digit by one, then solve as a regular Tapa. Digits may become zero, even multiple, but not negative.