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WPC 2018, graphs

While analyzing the WPC result for my review series (starting with WPC 2018 review, part 1), I made a couple of pretty graphs, which I’d like to share here. To make these, I scraped the result PDF into a spreadsheet; I hope it’s useful to you.

To start with, a visualization of my scores per round, relative to the 10th best score. This is what I based my analysis on. A very flat Thursday, peak for the Paths round, Friday afternoon dip and then a strong finish.

A graph of the ratio of my score to the 10th best score, round by round.

My score per round relative to 10th best

Next a couple of graphs of how the positions developed over the course of the tournament. As a base-line for each of these, I chose the sum of n-th best scores per round, for a suitable n. First you can see just how much stronger Ken Endo is than anyone else, then that things were more exciting behind him than the first graph shows. And finally a top 20+ graph.

A graph of the top 10 players at the 2018 WPC, round by round.

Top 10 relative to the sum of 5th best scores

A graph of the top 10 players at the 2018 WPC, round by round, with the exception of Ken Endo.

Same graph (relative to 10th best), but excluding Ken Endo

A graph of the top 20+ players except Ken Endo at the 2018 WPC, round by round.

Top 20+ without Ken, relative to 15th best

I’d love to see what else you can get out of the data!

WPC 2018 review, part 5

Welcome back, to the final episode packed with puzzles and drama. For the morning, we had the last two preliminary rounds on the schedule. By this time I knew where I was at: Around 14th place, which is a decent result for me relative to past performance. I managed to decide to be ok with it, particularly with not having come in to the competition in best shape.

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WPC 2018 review, part 2

Second part of my review, with the afternoon of day one. I wrote about the morning in part 1. The afternoon was made up of three long rounds (60 minutes and twice 90 minutes), starting from 14:00. One of the really nice things this year was the consistent and relaxed schedule, with a regular long lunch break from a few minutes past 12 to 14, long enough breaks, and precise starting times. (Besides that first round of the WSC which started 3 minutes early, but… people were consistently on time after that!) I felt that things had been a bit packed and rushed the last three years, so this was a very welcome change to me.

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Puzzle 160: Condensed Dominos

I’m starting to question my choice of posting all the linkable practice puzzles before the corresponding WPC review post… This is a great take on the standard Domino dissection puzzle that keeps the core while making it logically richer and less susceptible to uniqueness deductions.

Condensed Domino puzzleRules Partition the grid into areas of size three, such that each domino can be placed within one of the areas.

Or see the instruction booklet.

Puzzle 159: Inner Coral

Next WPC preparation puzzle, this one from round 5, Variations. You might as well call it a First Seen No-Islands Tapa.

An Inner Coral puzzle

Inner coral

Rules Shade some empty cells to form a Coral, compare Puzzle 27. The clue cells count as empty cells for the coral and can not be shaded. They indicate the lengths of the first blocks seen in each of the up to four directions.

Or better see the instruction booklet.