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WPC 2015 retrospective: day 1 mostly

Below I’ve collected some thoughts on the first half of the WPC 2015 in Sofia, mostly about the puzzles and how they went for me. The second half is still to come (here), but this is getting and taking so long I think I’d better post now. I’ve collected some information from the full result table at http://www.wscwpc2015.org/wpc2015_results.xlsx, particularly the 10th best score of each round, which seems like a good point of comparison. Especially for my personal analysis, since I was hoping to take a shot at the top 10 this year.

Since this doesn’t come with any summary yet to put the inevitable criticism into perspective, I’d like to start by thanking everyone involved, but particularly the puzzle authors. While there were some issues with puzzle formatting and point allocation, and general organizational problems, the puzzles themselves were of consistently high quality; I’m not aware of a single broken puzzle.

Edit: Here’s a link to the instruction booklet.

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