Monthly Archives: October 2014

Puzzle 46: Kaputte Bahnhöfe

Here’s some broken train stations to celebrate placing first in the recent Bahnhöfe series on CrocoPuzzle.


Rules Blacken one of each pair of identical numbers, then solve as a regular Bahnhöfe puzzle: Draw a loop that visits every cell (except the blackened stations), travelling vertically and horizontally. The loop crosses itself at the cells marked ‘+’, and can not touch itself otherwise. The loop goes straight through each (unblackened) number, and visits them in order.

There’s an example on the wiki.

Puzzle 42: Missing Labyrinth

Here’s a practice puzzle I made in London. It took me a while to get it typeset.


Rules Place some walls along grid lines to form a non-branching labyrinth leading from start to finish and visiting every cell. Clues indicate the lengths of all walls ocurring in that row/column. Questionmarks stand for any positive integer.

In other words, draw a path from S to F that travels horizontally and vertically between cell centres, visits every cell, and doesn’t cross itself, then draw walls along every edge that isn’t crossed by the path. The number of question marks outside a row/column is the number of walls of any length in that row/column. Unclued rows/columns can have any number of walls.

You can find better rules and an example in the WPC instruction booklet.