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Puzzle 195: Terra X

Here’s a puzzle from my preparation for WPC 2019 that I don’t believe I’ve posted yet. It’s also sort of a practice puzzle for the upcoming first round of the 2020 Puzzle GP, which features the variant Terra XX.

Rules Place numbers in the empty cells, from the range 0-9. Same numbers can’t be adjacent (but may touch by a corner). Wherever four cells meet at a vertex (marked by a black dot), the sum of the numbers in those cells must be 10.

Puzzle 151: Skyscraper-Nurikabe

We continue with the regular puzzle-a-month-on-the-first-of. Here’s a Skyscraper-Nurikabe, a practice puzzle for the upcoming Indian GP.

Rules Solve as a regular Nurikabe. Additionally, some skyscraper clues are given outside the grid. For these, consider the blocks of adjacent shaded cells within the corresponding row as skyscrapers with height equal to the number of cells in the block.

Or check the instruction booklet which includes an example.

You can solve online (of sorts) and check your code here.

Puzzle 137: Lamps

Just a tiny puzzle that I made as an example for the croco WPC preparation series. It was a bit too hard as an example; the type seems inherently hard.


Rules Place some lamps in the empty cells around the grid, with brightness 0 to 3. The lamps shine horizontally, vertically and diagonally in eight directions. In each direction, they illuminate as many cells as they are bright. Numbers inside the grid indicate how many lamps illuminate the corresponding cell.

The WPC instruction booklet has an example.

Puzzle 110: Greater Wall

The next round of the Puzzle GP takes place next weekend, with the Dutch round authored by Bram de Laat. The instructions are out; it turns out Maxi Loop is one of the types (see Puzzle 91 and Puzzle 109), so we’ve got that done. One of the less familiar types is Greater Wall, compare Bram’s set for the Polish championships. The presentation has been much improved, with explicit placeholders. Here’s one.


Rules Shade some cells to form a wall that is connected by edge and doesn’t contain any 2×2-square. Where given, clues outside indicate all connected blocks of shaded cells in the corresponding row or column, in the correct order. Relations between two placeholders apply to the lengths of the corresponding blocks.

Puzzle 87: Tom-tom

One more Tom-tom puzzle. That’s it for the series.tomtom2

Rules Fill the grid with digits 1-7, so that no digit repeats within a row or a column. (Digits may repeat within rooms.) Clues indicate the result of applying a basic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to the digits within that room, starting with the largest digit.

Or see the instruction booklet.