Monthly Archives: May 2016

Puzzle 82: Pentominous Borders

Here’s a Pentominous Borders, a type that will be on the US GP round next weekend.pento-borders-2

Rules Split the grid into pentominos by placing some walls between cells. Pentominos that touch by an edge must be different, where two pentominos are considered the same if one can be rotated and/or reflected to become the other. Some walls are already given. Black cells aren’t part of the grid.

Or see the instruction booklet.

Puzzle set: Polish qualifiers 2016

I made a couple of puzzles for the Polish qualifiers back in February. I previously posted two more puzzles which didn’t make it: Angle Loop, Doubleback.

One Minesweeper puzzle (with an unknown number of mines). The kind of puzzle that just feels too trivial when constructing, although in the end I think it’s quite ok.


One Pentominous, with the obvious PL theme.


Finally a small an tricky Checkered Fillomino.