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Puzzle 93: JaTaHoKu

Here’s a first (Ja)TaHoKu, which I made to prepare for the Logic Masters. Mostly an exercise in the interaction between the Tapa rules and the equal number of cells per row/column/region; that part seems to have potential as a Tapa variation. Would you have thought that even without rooms, the one Tapa clue implies that the mirrored cell has to be shaded?


Rules Place numbers from 1 to 4 into some cells, such that each row, column and region contains each number exactly once. Clues within the grid are Tapa clues; the numbered cells form a valid Tapa solution with respect to these. Clues along the bottom and right edges are skyscraper clues.

Puzzle 78: Sukaku

Here’s a puzzle I made quite a while back, I believe the type was on some Sudoku GP round. It’s more puzzle than sudoku. I’m not sure the “different digits” constraint is required to make this one unique, but it should help.


Rules Solve as a standard sudoku. In addition, subdivide the grid into rectangles, such that each rectangle contains exactly one shaded cell, and such that the number in that cell is equal to the area of the rectangle. Rectangles must not contain any digit more than once.