Puzzle 34: 123-Box

Another training puzzle, this is a 123 box, a variation on the ABC box that was introduced at the German Logic Masters.

Also, I’ve posted a Doppelter Rundweg on the puzzle portal. That one is probably the hardest puzzle I’ve constructed to date.


Rules Put a number from 1 to 3 in each cell. The hints correspond exactly to connected groups of equal numbers within that row/column. A number clue stands for a group that consists of that number, or is that size, or both. A question mark clue stands for an arbitrary non-empty group.

There’s an example with the (German) instructions on the puzzle wiki.

4 thoughts on “Puzzle 34: 123-Box

  1. Calavera

    While definitely not easy this one and the Doppelter Rundweg felt both much easier than your Sackbahnhöfe for which I still haven’t found an approach. Very nice the first two and solvable completely logically. Not yet sure about the latter one ;).

    1. rob Post author

      Now I wonder if I made some bad deduction with the Sackbahnhöfe. It doesn’t feel particularly difficult to me.

      1. Calavera

        Oh, it might help to solve it as a Sackbahnhöfe puzzle instead of Höhlenbahnhöfe. Seems as if the weekend left some marks…

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