Puzzle 40: Fractional Skyscrapers

Guess I had skyscrapers on my mind after batch-solving the first week of Roland Voigt’s daily puzzles. No, it doesn’t solve as a tightfit skyscraper puzzle.


Rules Place a number between 1 and 6 in each cell (one in each triangle for divided cells) such that each row and each column contains every number from 1 to 6 once. Reading the divided squares as fractions, the numbers in the squares represent the heights of skyscrapers. Clues outside the grid indicate the number of skyscrapers that can be seen when looking into the corresponding row or column. Skyscrapers block the view to any other skyscrapers of smaller or equal height behind them.



1 thought on “Puzzle 40: Fractional Skyscrapers

  1. uvo

    Witzige Idee und sehr schönes Rätsel. Die Möglichkeit, Brüche (insbesondere auch solche <1) unterzubringen, erzeugt für ein Hochhausrätsel äußerst ungewohnte Effekte.


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