Puzzle 122: Paint By Threes

Continuing with the GP practice puzzles, here’s a Paint By Threes. I believe I’ve seen these more than once at the 24 hours, see Puzzle 121 for a link to the 2016 puzzles. There were a few on croco, too: Dreier-Nonogramm 1, Dreier-Nonogramm 2Dreier-Nonogramm 3. I tried to make this one a bit harder.


Rules Replace each circle with a non-zero number, divisible by three if and only if the circle is black. Then solve as a standard nonogram. I.e., shade some cells, such that the clues give the sizes of all blocks of shaded cells within that row or column, in the correct order.

Or see the instruction booklet. (In the competition presentation, white/black circles are replaced by white/gray squares.)

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