Pentomino team puzzle

Here’s a team round I made for the Polish championships earlier this year. It was used for a casual team competition in the evening, between puzzle and sudoku championships.

It’s a two stage puzzle. The first part consists of dissecting some grids to form a set of pentominoes, which are then used as the pentomino set for a big Statue Park puzzle.

The puzzles are designed to be solved with a pair of scissors (i.e., cut up the dissection grids, then place the resulting pentominoes on the statue park grid). If you want to avoid that, you should be able to get a similar solving experience by only marking full pentominoes, and not marking empty cells for the Statue Park.

We went with teams of three in Poland, which is probably the best size for this.

Find the puzzles and original instructions below, or all in one PDF. (The PDF comes with the full Statue Park puzzle, and both halves as individual grids, for A4 printing.)

You are given four Pentomino Dissection grids (two 5×5 and two 10×10), one Statue Park grid, and some pairs of scissors. Solve the Pentomino Dissection puzzles by cutting up the grids, which will leave you with 50 pentominos. Then solve the Statue Park puzzle using these pentominos. No pencils or pens!

Pentomino Dissection Dissect the grid into pentominos (shapes of five cells). Letters prescribe the shape of the pentomino that contains them; pentominos may contain at most one letter. Reflected and rotated pentominos are considered the same shape. (Pentominoes are coded FILNPTUVWXYZ, see for example wikipedia.)

Statue Park Place the given shapes in the grid. Different shapes must not overlap or touch along an edge; they may touch diagonally. Black circles must be part of shapes, white circles must not. All cells that are not part of the shapes must be connected by edge.

Examplep-example sp-example

Pentomino Dissection puzzlespa pb p1 p2

Statue Park puzzlesp

5 thoughts on “Pentomino team puzzle

  1. edderiofer

    Either the Statue Park has multiple solutions or I misidentified the pentominoes in the Pentomino Dissection. I’m not going to check which because that would involve me resolving all of them. Ugh.

    1. rob Post author

      I’m pretty sure the puzzle is correct; bookkeeping of the pentomino set is certainly part of it, particularly if you don’t use scissors. But if you want to double check the intermediate state, here’s the pentomino set: 327452663354 in alphabetical order.

      1. edderiofer

        Having just resolved it with the correct pentomino set, there is indeed one solution (and as with most Statue Parks, the trick at the end is nice).

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