Puzzle set: 24 Hour Puzzle Marathon, 2016 edition

Took me a bit longer this year, but here’s my set for the 24 hours from April. I took a bit of a different approach this year, with four puzzles each of six more or less standard puzzle types. My hope was to make the round a bit more approachable than in previous years, though this may have been taking it a bit far. But I think the round worked out fine in the contest.

Individual puzzles below, or get the whole set in PDF: 2016-24h-rob-puzzles.

Sudoku (rules) Just something easy to start, classic Sudokus.

sudoku-6 sudoku-8 sudoku-9a sudoku-9b

Kropki (rules) I was writing this set close to the 2016 Slovakian GP, which featured Kropki as a type, so these were in part familiarizing myself with the type. I think these came out quite well.

kropki-6 kropki-7 kropki-8 kropki-9

Persistence of Memory (rules) A loopy type, this one works quite well, but the rules are a bit awkward.

memory-1 memory-eck memory-box memory-z

Japanese Sums (rules) A few of these turned out a bit unusual.

japsum-8 japsum-5 japsum-7 japsum-9

Checkered Fillomino (rules) The obligatory Checkered Fillominos.

checkered-x checkered-sides checkered-box checkered-windmill

ABCtje (rules) Not one of my favourite types, part of the purpose of constructing these was to understand the type better. Not sure it helped, but they’re easier to construct than to solve. The fourth one was the highest valued, but logically the easiest.

abctje-1 abctje-2 abctje-3 abctje-4

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