New release of puzzle-draw, with new web frontend

I’ve polished up the mess that is puzzle-draw a bit. With the latest release, you should be able to download working binaries for Linux and Mac. More importantly, I put together an ugly but fully functional web frontend that you can use:

Depending on how well the server holds up, you can use it to edit puzzles interactively, and download the graphics in different formats.

It’s still a huge mess of various undocumented puzzle formats, but the examples should give you an idea of what’s possible. Let me know if you have problems, here or on github. In particular, I’m generally always happy to add common puzzle types, as long as someone has a need for them.


14 thoughts on “New release of puzzle-draw, with new web frontend

  1. Tom Collyer

    Rob this is really excellent – could I suggest/request extra levels of customisation please? Namely, width of grid lines and choice of typeface.

    1. rob Post author

      Noted, thanks for giving it a try! In principle both are already possible, but not exposed so far. You can get thinner grid lines currently if you generate PDFs.

  2. tcollyer

    Not sure if the last comment worked or not as wordpress wants me to log in. It seems not. Anyhow….

    Rob, this really excellent! Could I make a couple of suggestions/requests however? 1) An options to specify width of minor/major gridlines, and 2) an option to specify typeface. Both should be reasonably easy if the main mechanism is

    This would more or less be the perfect tool for me if you could make it talk to something semi-intuitive in javascript that then automatically generates your puzzle markup language

    1. rob Post author

      It did. Yes, having an intuitive interface for editing the puzzles would be nice, not sure I’ll go there though. Might be an idea to hook it up to the Javascript though and use that for editing. Let’s see.

  3. Murat Can Tonta

    Great work, thank you! May I suggest permitting string inputs as clues, for encrypted puzzles? Some genres happily admit letters (such as Coral) but some check for integer values and return an error (such as Snake).

  4. Michael Tang

    This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been wanting to make for forever but don’t have the programming knowledge to do. Looks really useful!

  5. tamz29

    -Throws both hands in air in rejoice-
    Your app has saved me tons of time, especially in 24HPC sets.
    I always credit you there :)

  6. Michael Tang

    I’ve noticed that types such as Fillomino and Cave don’t seem to allow clues greater than 9 (or at least I haven’t figured out the syntax to make it happen). Is this functionality available?


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