Puzzle 173: Scrin (and release pzprjs v0.11.0)

I’ve wrapped up my recent changes to pzprjs in a new release, full changelog below. It’s live now on puzz.link. Please let me know if you find any bugs, or would like to contribute some missing translations.

The latest addition is the Nikoli puzzle type Scrin (スクリン); here’s a small sample puzzle:


Rules Draw some rectangles, such that every clue is inside a rectangle (of the given size if specified). Different rectangles can only touch by corners, and all rectangles must form a single non-branching loop via these corner-connections. Rectangles without clues are possible.

Changelog for version pzprjs version 0.11.0

New puzzles

  • angleloop: Introduce new puzzle: Angle Loop
  • doubleback: Introduce new puzzle: Double Back
  • heyawacky: Introduce new puzzle: Heyawacky
  • meander: Introduce new puzzle: Meandering Numbers
  • nurimisaki: Introduce new puzzle: Nurimisaki
  • satogaeri: Introduce new puzzle: Satogaeri (due to Lennard Sprong)
  • scrin: Introduce new puzzle: Scrin


  • Export: Support https URLs
  • Language: Rework some English language messages
  • bag: Rework as shading puzzle
  • fillomino: Automatically draw borders between different numbers
  • yajilin: Allow clues to be marked complete
  • yajilin: Autocompletion for clues

Bug fixes

  • LineManager: Fix connection logic and colouring for pipelink, ringring etc.
  • nurimaze: Fix broken cleared clue cells afer random key input
  • tentaisho: Fix false error when placing star after drawing border in edit mode
  • fivecells: Fix encoding/decoding of missing cells

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