Puzzles 186-188: Standard / Touching Slitherlink

Here are a couple of puzzles of widely varying difficulty that I made for the hybrid type Standard / Touching Slitherlink that featured in Round 8 (Twilight) of WPC 2019. I could have sworn this variant existed somewhere on the Rätselportal or in the Logic Masters archives, but I couldn’t find it. It’s quite similar in some ways to related hybrids like “Außen-Knapp-daneben-Rundweg”, but has some quite novel features.

Edit Added a clue to the 3s-puzzle to save the intended break-in.

Rules Draw a loop by connecting grid points as in standard Slitherlink. Clues inside the loop act as standard Slitherlink clues (i.e., they count adjacent edges that are used by the loop). Clues outside the loop count how often the loop visits the boundary of the cell, as in Berührungsrundweg (e.g., a clue 4 means that the loop uses all of the cells corners but none of the sides).
Or see the instruction booklet.

[puzz.link without answer check]

[puzz.link without answer check]

[puzz.link without answer check]

3 thoughts on “Puzzles 186-188: Standard / Touching Slitherlink

    1. rob Post author

      Apologies for the wait. The first deduction you can make is that the 1 in the top right corner can’t be inside the loop. (If it were, it should be a slitherlink clue, but it would have at least 2 edges.) You can continue with this along the top edge, so now you know those are all touching clues.

      Next, what would happen if there was a line between columns 2 and 3 in row 2? The line would have to turn at its top end, and it would turn around a clue that’s inside the loop: a contradiction. The same applies between columns 3 and 4.

      Now to satisfy the clue in row 1, column 3, you can draw the first line segment.

  1. caele

    Thx a bunch, I’d misinterpret the rules, which unfortunately still allowed me to solve the 0s. Read it as outside clues counted the touched corners, not number of touches. Your clue made no sense to begin with, then it dawned on me. I can sleep again.


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