Puzzles 64 & 65: Checkered Fillomino

Two more Checkered Fillominos. I made a bunch of them for the 24 hours that take place in Budapest this weekend. These here use some different logic. The first one turned out to have an easier break-in that circumvents what I had in mind, but maybe the similarities help as a hint?

fillomino-checkered-4 fillomino-checkered-5

5 thoughts on “Puzzles 64 & 65: Checkered Fillomino

  1. lupo

    It took me a few Try and Errors to find the logic you had in mind. Reminds me to some deductions I saw in Slalom puzzles.

  2. rob Post author

    Hah, nice. Now I wonder if you found some other deductions. At least, I don’t see the slalom connection.

  3. rob Post author

    Then you probably found something different. I’m intrigued… Make a puzzle using it?

    The thing I had in mind is probably very hard to find without a hint… There’s a deduction to be made that builds on the “frame” of clues, the clues on the inside don’t matter until later.

  4. uvo

    Beim Testlösen für den 24h hatte ich auch die Abkürzung genommen, aber immerhin beim zweiten Rätsel habe ich dann den geplanten Einstieg entdeckt :-)


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