Puzzle set: 24 Hour Puzzle Marathon, 2015 edition

This year’s 24 hour puzzle marathon is just over. Thanks to the organizers, authors and participants for a great weekend. I contributed a round again. It turned out a little less polished and balanced than last year’s, but there’s a couple of nice puzzles in there. Puzzles below, or grab a copy of the  booklet.

Dominos (rules) The “domino extra” one turned out quite nice, the other one is more filler material.

domino-1 domino-2

Geradeweg (rules) The first one was meant to be easy, but I probably failed there. It turned out non-square with weird non-symmetry by accident. The second one is a bit more tricky, and has an antisymmetric theme.geradeweg-0 geradeweg-2

Checkered Fillomino (rules) Quite happy with the hardest one of these.fillominocheckered-doubles fillominocheckered-smallfillominocheckered-1234fillominocheckered-24b

Japanese Sums (rules) A bit of experimentation with number sets here. I’m happy with how the doubled one came out.

japsum-1to6 japsum-odd


Symmetric LITS (rules) One straightforward one, and one with some interesting logic if you take the time to find it.

symlits-1 symlits-2 Skyscrapers (rules), Fractional Skyscrapers (rules) Nothing special.

skyscrapers skyscrapersfractional-24 skyscrapersfractional

Summon (rules) The first one was meant to be easy. The second one was meant to be trickier, but solvable. I’m not sure I can still find the full path, though, so maybe I imagined it. The third one, … Edit (2020-03-08) replaced first summon by the correct, non-broken version.



Compass (rules) A compass.

compass-2Loopki (rules) Definitely the strangest type in the set. I know the type from a portal puzzle. There’s nice logic there, but it’s quite hard to find. Well worth it, though, in my opinion. So far, I don’t know that anyone solved one of these. With preparation, they’d have been cheap points, though. The first one is as easy as the type gets, the second one is a bit more tricky.

loopki-1 loopki-3

Scrabble (rules) The stations of my train ride. Except for the one I managed to miss.


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