Puzzle 67: Star Battle

I’ve made some star battle puzzles recently, for a series on croco-puzzle that’s starting today. Here’s one that turned out a bit hard. 3 stars.



Rules Place stars in some cells, such that each row, column and area contains exactly 3 stars. Cells with stars must not touch, not even diagonally.

1 thought on “Puzzle 67: Star Battle

  1. Caleb Watson

    Wow. This is amazing! I beat nearly every free level in the Star Battle app (by Paragraph Eins) and was looking for a more challenging puzzle. This is the only 3-star Star Battle puzzle that I could find on the internet, and it is super challenging.This puzzle took me several hours to beat, but I was able to do so with logic only, no guessing. Keep up the good work and make more of these if you can!


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