Puzzle 96: Ecken- und Kantenrundweg

As a bit of a breather before posting more JaTaHoKus, here’s a puzzle for one of the new types, at least I hadn’t seen it before. It was on the mixed round of the Logic Masters. It’s an “edge and corner fences”.


Rules Draw a single loop consisting of vertical and horizontal segments between dots that does not touch or cross itself. Clue numbers indicate the number of adjacent edges and corners that are used by the loop.

2 thoughts on “Puzzle 96: Ecken- und Kantenrundweg

  1. Jonah

    Weird type. I was having trouble wrapping my head around it, so I transposed it onto a 17×17 grid as a Bosnian road with walls on the (even,even) cells.

    1. rob Post author

      That’s a fun reinterpretation, hadn’t thought of that. Personally, I just made a list of the possible configurations (there’s really not that many).


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