Puzzle 97: JaTaHoKu, cylindrical

Another JaTaHoKu, this time cylindrical.


Rules Place numbers from 1 to 5 into some empty cells, such that each row, column and region contains each number exactly once. Clues within the grid are Tapa clues; the numbered cells form a valid Tapa solution with respect to these. Clues along the bottom and right edges are skyscraper clues. Clues along the top and left are Japanese Sums clues, with question marks standing in for unspecified digits. (I.e., 10 would be two question marks.)

The grid wraps around from top to bottom. Clues along the top act as Japanese Sums clues in order, starting at any group of numbers. Clues along the bottom act as Skyscraper clues, starting at 1. (So for example, a clue ‘1’ is impossible.)

2 thoughts on “Puzzle 97: JaTaHoKu, cylindrical

  1. Jonah

    Is the Tapa cylindrical too? That is, can the wall’s connectivity rely on wrapping from the top to the bottom?


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