Puzzle 162: Starwacky

This one is a hybrid of Starbattle and Heyawake (Heyawacky). Since apparently I haven’t had enough skyscrapers, I keep misnaming this “Skywacky”. Inspiration?

A starwacky puzzle.Rules Solve as a regular Star Battle. In addition, connected stretches of empty cells aren’t allowed to cross more than one region border.

3 thoughts on “Puzzle 162: Starwacky

  1. Christoph

    Didn’t solve it yet, but the feedback in our mailing list before WPC was, that this puzzle doesn’t have a solution?

  2. Christoph

    Found a unique solution, that doesn’t seem to have any problems (like touching stars or broken Heyawake constraints). Either I’m missing something or one of the mails was a little bit misleading.


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